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Gnome Honest question. Do you think the GNOME project is as healthy today as it was, say, 4 years ago? Benjamin Otte explains that no, it isn't. GNOME lacks developers, goals, mindshare and users. The situation as he describes it, is a lot more dire than I personally thought.
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RE[3]: Shame, I like gnome3
by snowbender on Mon 30th Jul 2012 19:18 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Shame, I like gnome3"
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Having said that, there is a certain challenge in learning new ways of doing things that is exciting. Obviously those complaining don't relish that challenge. Which is ironic, because I had thought that challenge was what drove many people to Linux in the first place.

I get what you mean, but my sarcastic reply is: it certainly is challenging to use gconf-editor and go search for the option that was removed and that might or might not be available and configurable through gconf-editor...

But seriously, I do get what you mean... however, I think that the feeling is more like that, yes, it is a challenge to configure everything, but if you persist, you will be able to configure everything exactly the way you want it. That "promise" that in the end you are rewarded with an environment exactly the way you want it, is no longer true in my opinion.

That, and the fact that in recent years I have less free time, and don't wanna invest a lot of time to reconfigure my desktop environment every time someone thinks it needs to be "improved".

I do believe some of my friends mocked me as a newbie because I used gnome/kde instead of all command line.

Well.. do not underestimate the power of the commandline. But on the other hand it would be stupid to not also use the power of a graphical shell.

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