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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Another batch of open source webOS components released - but there's some bad news. "For Open webOS we are aiming for support on future hardware platforms where SoC's support Linux 3.3+ kernel and where open source replacements for proprietary components are integrated. Existing devices cannot be supported because of those many proprietary components, including graphics, networking and lack of drivers for a modern kernel (but of course, there is the Community Edition for those interested in improving the TouchPad)." So, which future hardware platforms? They must have something in mind, right?
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RE: This project is dead
by ricegf on Wed 1st Aug 2012 11:13 UTC in reply to "This project is dead"
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I see it as more of a Mozilla move, i.e., rather than looking back to Navigator, look forward to Firefox. Rather than looking back to last year's tablets, look forward to next-gen systems.

I like it.

While my first preference would be for a Jolla MeeGo device (which I consider a real computer), this would probably be my second choice when my beloved N900 finally dies. I'll settle for Android, though, if neither comes through with an attractive product.

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