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Windows Microsoft has just announced that Windows 8 has gone gold - or, in Redmond parlance, RTM. "Today, I am excited to announce that Windows 8 has been released to manufacturing (RTM)! This means we've completed the product development and testing of the product and have started handing off the final code to our OEM partners. They can now begin preparing new Windows 8 PCs and devices they'll introduce starting with General Availability." Anybody got a spare MSDN account?
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RE: Just one word: SP1
by UltraZelda64 on Wed 1st Aug 2012 21:48 UTC in reply to "Just one word: SP1"
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I don't know... in this case, they've screwed Windows up so badly with Metro, and it's only going to get worse as Microsoft forcibly tries to push it onto people and kill off the traditional desktop in upcoming versions, that I honestly think it'll only get worse after Windows 8. For anyone who wants to do real work on a real desktop, that is.

The only thing that will save it now is a major repositioning of Metro, as being a "secondary" interface for those users who want it and keeping the traditional desktop around for those who want it and--*gasp*--actually own hardware that would work better with it. You know... keyboard, mouse, big monitor... that kind of antique legacy stuff that, according to Microsoft based on their intent to abandon the desktop, is apparently so outdated these days.

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