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KDE "KDE is delighted to announce its latest set of releases, providing major updates to KDE Plasma Workspaces, KDE Applications, and the KDE Platform. Version 4.9 provides many new features, along with improved stability and performance."
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RE: Oh, my...
by Loreia on Thu 2nd Aug 2012 07:55 UTC in reply to "Oh, my..."
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You are hardly the only person that has a problem with this. I am just reading Ars technica article about 4.9, and about one half of comments on first page are about "how ugly KDE is".

Some are really harsh:

Oh my god, can we get HALF A DESIGNER here?

It's amazing how, release after release after release, KDE continues to look like it was slapped together in about five minutes.

Good grief, that's ugly. Even by open source standards, that's ugly.

The defaults need to be sane and not look like complete ass. Customization is great and all, but users shouldn't need to spend time changing themes, rearranging window decorations, removing useless buttons, etc just to get to something that doesn't make one's eyes bleed.

And so on ...
It is strange that KDE puts so much effort in creating great technology, but for the most part ignores visual appeal. And distributions mostly just ship default build. Open Suse is the most obvious exception, but sadly Open Suse doesn't work well on my laptop.

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