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Legal Groklaw nails it: "In other words, [Apple and Microsoft] want to disarm the companies that got there first, built the standards, and created the field, while the come-later types clean up on patents on things like slide to unlock or a tablet shape with rounded corners. Then the money flows to Apple and Microsoft, and away from Android - and isn't that really the point of all this, to destroy Android by hook or by crook? The parties who were in the mobile phone business years before Apple or Microsoft even thought about doing it thus get nothing much for their earlier issued patents that have become standards. Apple and Microsoft can't compete on an even field, because the patent system rewards the first to invent (or now, after the recent patent reform, the first to file). Neither Apple nor Microsoft got there first. Samsung was there, since the '90s." To illustrate: Apple is demanding $24 (!) per Samsung device for design patents, while at the same time, Apple also demands that Samsung does not charge more than $0.0049 per standards essential patent per device. This is absolutely, utterly, and entirely indefensible. And then Apple and its supporters have the nerve to claim Samsung is ripping them off. Yes, this pisses me off, and no, that's not because it's Apple doing it (Microsoft is just as guilty). It's because this is plainly, utterly, clearly, and intrinsically unfair.
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to make a point: the Nazi Panzer tanks were arguably the best of their time. Great technical achievements.

Why Godwin it so soon?

And, arguably, German WW2 tanks weren't the best. Particularly the earlier ones, used during their greatest successes, and fielded in largest numbers, were nothing out of ordinary - it was more about better training, coordination, command skills, and such. IIRC Germany was the only one really earnestly doing combat exercises pre-WW2 (that included air force cooperation, realistic communication situations, actively working to rectify observed problems). They were almost-battle-hardened before the war even started; such factors are mostly what created the conventional wisdom, myth of German tanks superiority.

But when it comes to design achievement of the period, the laurel possibly belongs to... T-34 - this one was pretty much what showed everybody how to make a proper tank during WW2.
Check out opening quotations of Germany's best in (and generally at least the opening section of that page), with some additional impressions of Colonel-General Heinz Guderian, Commander of Second Panzer Army in (search "T-34" in that page).
In one of works: "The technological pace-setter of World War II tank design."
And it might be even still kinda used, here and there ;p

As for later German tanks... Tigers are definitely overrated, they had very unbalanced characteristics (notably leading to quite poor mobility, IIRC most of them lost due to being stuck, or disabled by related mechanical breakage; not powerful enough to drive themselves out, to climb slopes which T-34 for example could routinely overcome).
Panzer V Panther - yeah that one (not "German tanks" in general) would be a good contender for the laurel, better overall at the time of its introduction ...but largely because it drew on T-34.

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