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Privacy, Security, Encryption A denial of service vulnerability reportedly affects the Windows Remote Desktop Protocol. Either disable RDP or make sure you have a firewall enabled for port 3389 until a fix is available.
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by zombie process on Sun 17th Jul 2005 05:39 UTC
zombie process
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"If an attack were successful, receipt of such a malformed Remote Desktop request could cause the vulnerable system to fail in such a way that it could cause a denial of service. Our investigation has determined that this is limited to a denial of service, and therefore an attacker could not use this vulnerability to take complete control of a system."

Okay - so, someone could potentially run DoS against your box. Solutions? TURN YOU BOX OFF!!!!!!! This is perhaps the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Would you buy this? :

Warning: Criminals might use the key slot on your car to break into and steal your car - our recommendation for the meantime is to fill your key slots with epoxy, AND TO FILL YOUR GAS TANKS WITH SAND!

This is asinine security. Someone might do something to your favorite toy, so you had better break it yourself? WTF? Is this a 1940s playground or a network we're discussing?

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