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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless It might be a cliche, but sometimes, a picture says more than a thousand words. Over the years, I've often talked about how the technology world is iterative, about how products are virtually always built upon that which came before, about how almost always, multiple people independently arrive at the same products since they work within the same constraints of the current state of technology. This elementary aspect of the technology world, which some would rather forget, has been illustrated very, very well in one of Samsung's legal filings against Apple.
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"So we agree that iPads (and other tablets to a lesser degree) can be great tools for creating lots of different things including spreadsheets with say a couple thousand lines (and maybe more) and large documents and taking and editing video without another device and so on."

In principal sure, but frankly you've chosen poor examples. If you want to highlight where the tablet truly shines, you really need to pick examples that benefit from touch interfacing, video editing might be one, CAD might be another, taking handwritten notes and annotations is another, etc.

Actually no. This is a tech site and most of the people here are tech people including programmers. I'm here (on my own behest) to say that for techs that iPads are very good at things that including using a bluetooth keyboard _as_well_as just using touch. And I did list several things that I and a couple other people you that only work using touch.

Examples of this is iPhoto and iMovie, if you are limiting yourself to touch only. This, to me, would be the equivalent to saying that I'm going to remove my mouse since PCs were designed from the start to only need a keyboard and a mouse was added later. For me, it is a no brianer to add a bluetooth keyboard since you can buy word processing programs to my iPad, which I did, and that combination works _great_. I also works great for programming while tunneling in from an iPad to a home or work computer when you don't want to lug the extra weight of a laptop but also want a device that is great at touch programs too. So what if they need to remote in.

I'm curious though. Again referencing the fact that this is and we are techs here. Do you work for a company that uses VPN? If no, this is probably why the idea of remotely connecting to a computer to work is foreign to you.

For me, it stopped being foreign back in the 80s when I dialed into work remotely to manage servers and I set some users to be able to work from home with sensitive data (we had encryption software at both ends to encrypt the data ...) on the companies computers.

"No they aren't. My friends do this a LOT and are VERY happy with the way the iPad works as a device to remote into their home computers instead of lugging around their much, much heavier laptops."

How do I put this that I haven't already.
Just because device "R" is not the best device for you. It doesn't mean that it isn't the best device for LOTS of people.
Just because you are stuck thinking that typewriters are the best things for people that write books, doesn't mean that computers are better for most people moving forward.
Is an iPad the best device for everyone. No. And I never said that.
Is it a device that can be great at doing everything that I have listed?
YES. Emphatically yes. It is a great device for myself and my friends that use them in the ways that I have listed.
The question is, why are you unable to believe this? Why can you not embrace the fact that there are other great ways to do things other than then the way that you do them?

I suspect many of them would be very tempted by a lightweight ARM touchscreen swivel laptop. It'd be better than toting around a separate keyboard all the time.

Ah ... so you are the equivalent of me but you are pushing ARM devices that do touchscreen swival but are a laptop.

This one is easy. VERY easy.

Because they aren't always typing. Because the weight and shape and feel of those devices are not appealing to everyone. Some people might like them. Maybe lots of people might like them.

However, some people, LOTS of people will _not_ like them. I could use Dr. Seuss rhyms for you but some people don't like them. Some people prefer a tablet to ARM laptops.

ARM laptops are very much the same as Intel chip laptops except that they have an ARM chip in them and they have a touch screen.
We've tried computers like this but they did not make a great impression on us. We tried them before we tried the iPad with keyboards.

Actually, if anything, these are what led us to get keyboards for our iPads and get Pages and Numbers and programs like those as we realized it (an iPad) was a MUCH better platform for "us".

Oh, and your ARM tablets. They don't have a store with 600,000 apps in it that is easy to buy and download and install if we should want any of them.


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