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Windows Now that Windows 8 has gone gold, Microsoft can move on to other things. With Windows 8, the most important of these is probably to make sure people know how to actually use it. Metro is filled to the brim with hard-to-discover features, but Microsoft has a plan. Will it be enough?
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Bleh... not enough.
by UltraZelda64 on Fri 3rd Aug 2012 21:10 UTC
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As a PC user who installed the release preview on my computer with plain old mouse and keyboard, I took about 5 minutes to figure out how to use and to mostly understand that damn sidebar. Why? Because I was looking at it from the standpoint of a PC user, with mouse and keyboard: click buttons, it does things. No gestures usually, except the few I can use in certain web browsers. Gestures just don't normally work well at all... unless you're actually using your fingers. That's a good enough reason right there that they're not often used in traditional desktop systems.

If I was running it on some tablet computer with touchscreen, most likely I would have figured it out much faster. Bottom line, Metro SUCKS for a mouse and keyboard setup, and I just could not get used to the clunkiness of using mouse gestures that require moving the pointer all the way to the right corner of a 20" 1680x1050 monitor and sliding up or down just to bring up a very poorly labeled menu of some sort.

In its defense, though, on a small touchscreen-based device, it makes perfect sense, and I could see touching one of the corners with my finger and sliding toward the center. It would work there--I just know it, although I haven't actually tried Windows 8 on such a device. It would work, because it is obvious that that is the kind of device the Metro interface was designed for.

Still though, the way I see it Metro is not Windows (not in the traditional sense with full, complete backwards compatibility--that's why the traditional desktop is still in there for a while longer), so by that point, I'd be better off just using another OS.

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