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Windows Now that Windows 8 has gone gold, Microsoft can move on to other things. With Windows 8, the most important of these is probably to make sure people know how to actually use it. Metro is filled to the brim with hard-to-discover features, but Microsoft has a plan. Will it be enough?
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RE[2]: Bleh... not enough.
by delta0.delta0 on Sat 4th Aug 2012 03:05 UTC in reply to "RE: Bleh... not enough."
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I think the Linux Desktop is in an abysmal state right now. KDE is frankly a mess and Gnome is floundering. Maybe someone will do something disruptive soon to change all that, but I don't think most other OSes are better off wrt the future.

Why is the Linux Desktop in an abysmal state ?
Why is KDE a mess ?

Backup your comments with some facts please, because I am sorry but maybe you wish the above was true, but that really isn't the case, in fact its the exact opposite the news about Valve porting Steam to Linux and them putting so much support into the Linux Desktop is huge news for the Linux Desktop and its acceptance into the main stream. If Linux runs the latest AAA games, what possible benefit does windows provide ?

KDE is great now and only getting better, the Linux Desktop is great and is only getting better. Gnome is going through a hard patch that much I do concede, but Gnome3 has the ground work to be a solid Desktop environment. E17 is finally getting stable releases. Wayland is progressing nicely, same with BTRFS, a proper next gen filesystem.

You forget this centralised software installation method you are so happy Microsoft is getting has been an intrinsic part of Linux for decades and we don't have a shitty registry system that gets bloated

As for your final comment about other Os'es Apples OSX Mountain Lion seems to have been met with universal praise, I cant see how they aren't doing "any better" if any thing they are doing much better with a market capital twice that of Microsoft, in fact larger than Microsoft and Google combined.

Also Google, no idea what direction they will take with android and chrome os, but that just adds more competition with Windows 8 on the desktop. Nexus 7 has received major praise and is selling out where ever it has been released, Android on the tablet market is now a success story. In fact android 4.1 is truly outstanding and the nexus 7 is excellent value.

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