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Google This tweet from Tom Warren made me smile. So, it's 2012 and tablets are finally able to do what the Amiga did in 1985. Seems like a bit of a stretch to be excited about that, right? Sure, until I caught myself getting excited - only a bit, but still - by this piece of news. Update: removed me being an annoyed child.
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Hey! Let's begin to ask for stupid and unnecessary features on mobile OSes too!! Yeah!!

Multi-user support is hardly a stupid or unnecessary feature, though; many families only buy one tablet that is shared between all the residents, but since there is no proper multi-user support when one makes a change to something it applies to all the aforementioned residents. Similarly, many corporations are forced to supply each and every employee with a tablet instead of allowing them to share one.

IMHO Android guys have to improve the performance of their OS on tablets... even my iPad 1 feels faster and snappier than many 2012 Android tablets.

Looking at your comment and the ignorance displayed I'm gonna go on a limb here and just assume you're trying to troll, or you're just being blinded by rose-tinted glasses. Either way your credibility is rather low.

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