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Games From Valve's Linux blog: "That the Linux version runs faster than the Windows version (270.6) seems a little counter-intuitive, given the greater amount of time we have spent on the Windows version. However, it does speak to the underlying efficiency of the kernel and OpenGL." If it wasn't obvious before, it should be now: Valve has started its marketing campaign for Linux. With the Windows platform in the process of closing itself off, Valve has to look to greener pastures. This is all to motive third parties to get their stuff ready for a possible Linux-powered 'Steambox' - not a console, but a set of generic PC specifications. Remember: the Xbox is the only machine tied to DirectX - OpenGL runs everywhere else, including Windows (the PS3 is an oddball, and has a sort-of Sony-specific FrankenOpenGL). OpenGL simply makes more sense for developers, and now Valve is working very closely with Nvidia, AMD, and Intel to optimise their Linux drivers. Do the math, people.
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Talk about moving goal posts,

What do you think Kwin, Compiz, Unity etc do ? They render the desktop using OpenGL which runs all through the gpu.

All compiz does is render the entire desktop using openGL, the same thing Kwin does, the same thing Gnome does, which is the same thing Windows does with Aero. They are exactly the same thing. Do some fact checking please.

Mozilla firefox is an application that runs on the desktop, much like games are an application that run on the desktop. That has nothing to do with gpu accelerated desktops, or your initial point about gpu acceleration on windows causing windows fps to be lower, because again drum roll please Linux also uses the GPU to accelerate the desktop via OpenGL.

FYI mozilla firefox and Chrome both support hardware acceleration on Linux:

thats from January 2011 .. You were saying ?

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