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Google This tweet from Tom Warren made me smile. So, it's 2012 and tablets are finally able to do what the Amiga did in 1985. Seems like a bit of a stretch to be excited about that, right? Sure, until I caught myself getting excited - only a bit, but still - by this piece of news. Update: removed me being an annoyed child.
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RE[2]: Random idea
by leech on Sat 4th Aug 2012 16:07 UTC in reply to "RE: Random idea"
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The Amiga in 1985 also didn't have usb support,an integrated display,ect,ect,ect.

It's really funny to see these Amiga and Beos fan boys running around acting like the Amiga and Be machines were the machines that most people wanted. They weren't.

In fact they were far from it. In fact if I remember right the Commodore 64 outsold the Amiga during the Amiga's production run.

Granted the original post was wrong, Amiga still doesn't have Multi-User support. But 1985? USB? You do realize that USB wasn't even around in 1985? The only ones who had integrated displays were the piece of crap Macs that weren't even color in 1985.

USB wasn't even widely adopted until version 1.1 came out in '98, which is 4 years after Commodore imploded.

For what it's worth, I could get a USB card in my Amiga 4000, and eventually will so I can use an optical mouse with a wheel (probably the one thing that REALLY kills on usability.)

The fact that Amiga and Be both died before their time, and that they still have a decent amount of fans after all this time, goes to show that they are extremely usable operating systems and the light weight approach does have advantages. I'd like to see anything Microsoft has made in the last ten years run with as little resources. Or even software written for a Microsoft operating system that isn't heavily bloated and requires at least 512MB of RAM within the last 10 years.

512MB of RAM is a crapload for AmigaOS, even for AmigaOS4.

I surely miss the days when programmers actually had to optimize their software, because they didn't have Gigabytes of memory to work with. Hell, the company I work for now... there have been rumors that their software is going to start recommending 8GB of RAM to run! That's just insane.

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