Linked by David Adams on Sat 16th Jul 2005 22:58 UTC, submitted by GeekGod
Privacy, Security, Encryption A denial of service vulnerability reportedly affects the Windows Remote Desktop Protocol. Either disable RDP or make sure you have a firewall enabled for port 3389 until a fix is available.
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by zombie process on Sun 17th Jul 2005 05:47 UTC
zombie process
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"vnc is a totally insecure protocol unless it is wrapped in something like an ssh forward or vpn tunnel.

WOW! Was that article written by a 13 year old? I really don't mean to be an asshole, but that's the type of article that a HS kid would write. BEWARE: PASSWORDS CAN BE CRACKED!!!!!!!!!!!! No Sh!t? I'd better hide under my bed!

Listen - any service you run can be cracked. Any "pasworded" service you run can be cracked more easily - SSH is no different. If this is outside your realm of understanding, you should not be running a publicly accessible service. period.

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