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Microsoft Eh. Microsoft has instructed its employees to drop the name 'Metro', due to a trademark conflict with an 'an important European partner'. The Verge has learned that Microsoft plans to unveil a new name next week. Considering Microsoft has been beating the Metro drum for quite a few years now, this all seems a bit silly. The European partner in question is believed to be Metro AG, a huge collection of electronic retail stores covering several different chains (I've got a few within a few kilometres of my middle-of-nowhere hick hometown). Depending on what they come up with, I will continue to use the Metro name. I like it, and I don't give a rat's bum about trademark disputes.
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RE: Just call it what it is
by Laurence on Sun 5th Aug 2012 00:58 UTC in reply to "Just call it what it is"
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Why not just call it what it really is instead of fooling the less intelligent with all this marketing.

Windows 6.2

You're wrong on all counts:

Windows 8 is definitely version NT 8 for the following reasons:

Windows 7 is actually Windows 7 (the internal version number of 6.1 was purely for compatibility reasons: ). Win 8 is a much more significant break from Win7 and 7 was from Vista so it seems fair that Win 8 would be a major version number up as well (thus Windows 8).

Furthermore, Metro is just a shell and not an OS. So calling it "Windows n" would just be ignorant anyway. It would be like calling Explorer.exe "Windows 95" or progman.exe "Windows 3.x".

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