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Microsoft Eh. Microsoft has instructed its employees to drop the name 'Metro', due to a trademark conflict with an 'an important European partner'. The Verge has learned that Microsoft plans to unveil a new name next week. Considering Microsoft has been beating the Metro drum for quite a few years now, this all seems a bit silly. The European partner in question is believed to be Metro AG, a huge collection of electronic retail stores covering several different chains (I've got a few within a few kilometres of my middle-of-nowhere hick hometown). Depending on what they come up with, I will continue to use the Metro name. I like it, and I don't give a rat's bum about trademark disputes.
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RE[2]: Metro has a new name
by bassbeast on Sun 5th Aug 2012 23:16 UTC in reply to "RE: Metro has a new name"
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Nah, "Windows Steve!" complete with exclamation point, since it is Steve's baby after all.

BTW anybody caught any of Sinofsky's talks on WinWhatever? Man they are soooo funny! Count how many times the man says "touchscreens" in his presentations, hell you could make it into a drinking game and get snookered!

I just thinks its hilarious that in a global recession, when MSFT has never had less pull, that Sinofsky has actually convinced himself that "Yeah AMD and Intel may be reporting doom because they can't sell what they have, and the OEMs are having sales up the ying yang just to move what they've got, but you know what will fix that? why raising prices another 45%+ to add touchscreens on systems where they don't make sense! Yeah, that's the ticket!"

I swear the whole Win 8 mess is like a bad SNL sketch. Nobody even stops to think "Hey holding out your arm for hours to poke a vertical screen is painful!" or "Why would anybody with a nice widescreen monitor and perfectly functional keyboard and mouse gonna want to give that up for a lower quality screen with a 40% markup for touch?" nope its touch all the way down at team Redmond.

If anybody has seen that SNL sketch of two American kids badly aping Japanese culture that pretty well sums up Ballmer's MSFT, just replace Japan with Cupertino and you'd have it in one.

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