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X11, Window Managers We have some very good news for those of us with a love for the Common Desktop Environment. I'm a huge fan of CDE - I've even dedicated an article to it - so I'm excited about this. CDE has been released as open source under the LGPL, and can be downloaded as of today for Debian and Ubuntu. Motif will follow later.
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Comment by marcp
by marcp on Mon 6th Aug 2012 09:34 UTC
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It's almost like having Windows 95 or Mac OS 8 open sourced today. No real benefit, just a pile of closed, outdated and buggy source. Open source / free software paradigm is not a magic bullet to rescue dead projects. You can't expect your closed source project will be developed at no cost by others right after you have no more money to develop it / there is no real interrest in it, etc.
I actually find it quite pathetic, though it depends on the reasons this code was made open.
This can only have a sentimental value, not a real one. You could try to build on top of that code, but it would probobly take rediculous amount of hours to make use of that anyway.

Free software is about real benefit to other people: this doesn't bring any real benefit. Open source is all about the method: and here it does apply. But so what? does it even have any sense?

I'm sorry to be so critical, but I just can't see good intentions there.

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