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Apple Mat Honan got hacked, and lost all the data on his MacBook, iPad, and iPhone. How? Somebody broke into his iCloud account. Brute force attack? Simple password? No, not really - the hacker called Apple tech support, and convinced the person on the phone he was really Mat Honan. Apple then reset the iCloud password. The dangers of a monoculture, kids. Even Steve Wozniak has doubts about everything going into the cloud.
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RE[2]: oh, FFS...
by maccouch on Mon 6th Aug 2012 12:49 UTC in reply to "RE: oh, FFS..."
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i agree with you. that is why i didn't suggest you running your own server as the ultimate security.

The fact is this game is flawed, you can't win. The only strategy is to make sure that the other side winning is really difficult and making sure you can pick-up the pieces *after* the other guy wins.

That's why i mentioned the "physical control" and the real physical customer service of my university. they won't reset passwords longdistance and they won't give you the passsword unless you literally come in and show yourself with your id.

it can still be fooled but if it is, i can take back my stuff afterwards. try doing that with a million client company overseas that doesn't even have/show a simple of contacting themselves (google) or one that does but it is as weak /useless as the "what's my pets name" questions (Apple).

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