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Windows Now that Windows 8 has gone gold, Microsoft can move on to other things. With Windows 8, the most important of these is probably to make sure people know how to actually use it. Metro is filled to the brim with hard-to-discover features, but Microsoft has a plan. Will it be enough?
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What about the fact this OS spies on you more then any that came before it?

How so?

Will be more closed impacting more markets, industry and people then any OS before it?

That depends on your perspective. You will certainly be able to do anything you want to do as a developer.

Enterprise and Dev

What about the fact that the UI doesn't even allow a User to effectively multi-task applications (yes the OS can, but no you can't if you access any part of 'Metro' in the process)?

What does that even mean? Metro allows you to put applications side-by-side -- docked -- and the UIs are unquestionably multi-tasked.

What about a thousand other questions that aren't even being heard or asked? WTF?!

Rhetorical. Not addressable.

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