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OSNews, Generic OSes As the first images of the Mars Curiosity lander start pouring in, let's talk about what operating system it runs. As I found out via Hacker News, the project runs on VxWorks, a very popular embedded operating system used for truly mission critical tasks. I'd love to know just how much work has gone into making it bug-free - this isn't the kind of environment where you want code to fail.
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I am fairly certain that VxWorks is not a micro-kernel based system. It's one of the things that QNX brags about as being superior to VxWorks; whether that's true or not is open to debate, and VxWorks has considerably higher market share in the embedded space. One thing that always disturbed me about VxWorks is that it uses global variables as REALLY global variables. As in every program you run on the system has access to all the global variables of all the others. Naming conflicts can be a disaster. I much prefer message passing, as is native to QNX and OSE.

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