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BeOS & Derivatives When BeOS was still under active development at Be Inc, the project captured the hearts and minds of many who wanted to use a more advanced operating system. Though Be has since gone out of business, it hasn't stopped many of those same individuals from wanting to continue using the operating system. The fact that BeOS is no longer under active development has caused a handful of developers to take on the task of picking up where Be left off. Alan Wilder submitted the following editorial which analyzes the current status of three BeOS projects that are currently under development.
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I don't know either; the author of the document claims that:

"The project hasn't fully reached beta yet, with most of its components still in alpha or development stages."

Interesting, and going by the Haiku-os website, most components are either 80-90% complete, or are stuck whilst waiting for dependent components to be developed so that development can continue.

The author seems to have great difficulty giving a truthful overview; now, I'm not going to say he is anti-BeOS, but it seems to be like he is a disgruntled fan boy with zero programming experience, demanding that all the coders should quit their job, and some how (god knows), focus 100% on developing their BeOS clones so that he can fullfil his dream.

He simply fails to grasp the fact that once complete, adding new features will only take months, not years, alot of papers have already been written on how to implement new features; as they say, once the hardest stuff - the foundation - is laid, life gets a little easier from then on.

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