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Microsoft Eh. Microsoft has instructed its employees to drop the name 'Metro', due to a trademark conflict with an 'an important European partner'. The Verge has learned that Microsoft plans to unveil a new name next week. Considering Microsoft has been beating the Metro drum for quite a few years now, this all seems a bit silly. The European partner in question is believed to be Metro AG, a huge collection of electronic retail stores covering several different chains (I've got a few within a few kilometres of my middle-of-nowhere hick hometown). Depending on what they come up with, I will continue to use the Metro name. I like it, and I don't give a rat's bum about trademark disputes.
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RE[5]: Just call it what it is
by Laurence on Tue 7th Aug 2012 08:49 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Just call it what it is"
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I'd say that's marketing vs technical. It doesn't really matter either way.

Not really. Versions numbers are just arbitrary and you can make an app return whatever version number you want - even incorrect version numbers if you choose to.

So there's no reason why MS can't get ver to report 6.x while the revision / versioning system they use inside Redmond has the Win7 and Win8 NT branches archived under 7 and 8 respectively.

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