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Mac OS X How this passed through Apple's Mountain Lion testing is beyond me. "If one edits a document, then chooses Save As, then BOTH the edited original document and the copy are saved, thus not only saving a new copy, but silently saving the original with the same changes, thus overwriting the original." Just goes to show: do not mess with my ability to save my stuff. There is no one-size-fits-all for this kind of delicate stuff.
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RE[3]: file versioning
by henderson101 on Tue 7th Aug 2012 09:12 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: file versioning"
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Let me fix the workflow:

Old workflow:

1) Open document
2) Edit document (without saving)
3) Save document as new name

New work flow:

1) Open document
2) Save document as new name
3) Edit document

Old workflow gives you no security for document safety and the backup is only as good as whatever editor has built in (usually by a third party.)

The new workflow gives you the same result, except you also benefit form OS level auto-save and file versioning.

I know which one I'd prefer.

The last time I lost a document was when Word 2010 was installed on a new machine, the install didn't have auto save turned on and Windows decided to auto restart the machine to install updates. This was a new document I'd worked on for an hour on a train. I broke my own rules - I only saved the initial paragraph then forgot to hit save (assuming auto save was doing that for me) and I lost 40 minutes work. It's a mistake I don't often repeat. One just needs to retrain oneself. That's all.

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