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Mac OS X How this passed through Apple's Mountain Lion testing is beyond me. "If one edits a document, then chooses Save As, then BOTH the edited original document and the copy are saved, thus not only saving a new copy, but silently saving the original with the same changes, thus overwriting the original." Just goes to show: do not mess with my ability to save my stuff. There is no one-size-fits-all for this kind of delicate stuff.
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actually it is. and there is no data loss either. complete non story. the real story: how people have problems understanding the concept of automatic versioning and let go their behavior of saving everything in multiple copies.

from my own experience, overwriting the old version with the new one because you thought you already did a "save as" or did "save as" but actually where just did "save" is by far the most common way to lose your data. apple fixed that for you. to complain about that and even write something about "data loss" is just stupid.

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