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Legal "Comparing Samsung's flagship products before and after release of the iPhone & iPad, and how Apple's intellectual property infringement claims hold up." A terrible visual guide that ignores not only Samsung's own pre-iPhone designs, but also - and worse yet - the thirty-odd years of mobile computing that preceded the iPhone. Typical of today's technology world: a complete and utter lack of historical sense. Worse yet are the claims about icons: only the phone icon is similar, but Apple did not invent the green phone icon. This is a remnant of virtually all earlier phones which use a green phone icon for initiate/answer call, and a red phone icon for terminate/reject call. Claiming this deserves IP protection is beyond ridiculous, and shows just how low Apple is willing to go.
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I think the doomsday scenario you're painting is blown out of proportion. These kinds of court cases do little to stifle the competition or effect innovation in the industry. This is more akin to Apple Vs MS regarding Windows. That had little effect on everyone else.

What DID have an impact was MS destroying companies by abusing it's monopoly position and using it's financial clout to destroy newcomers.

I think you're painting this court case to be something it's not. This isn't about how ridiculous software patents are (unbelievably ridiculous by my view), or some behemoth taking on the poor helpless new innovator. It's just one mega huge company accusing another mega huge company of copying it's product. Could and does happen in every industry.

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NB: I also think you're overestimating the chances of Apple's success.

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