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X11, Window Managers We have some very good news for those of us with a love for the Common Desktop Environment. I'm a huge fan of CDE - I've even dedicated an article to it - so I'm excited about this. CDE has been released as open source under the LGPL, and can be downloaded as of today for Debian and Ubuntu. Motif will follow later.
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Excited About The Release of CDE
by johjeff on Tue 7th Aug 2012 23:19 UTC
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I wish they could have done it a long time ago. It has not really received any love in a decade. The good thing about that is that it hasn't been cluttered up with constantly changing glamour libraries or tied with KDE/QT/GTK/Gnome crap.

What I would like to see is all the DT applications working, with perhaps the backends upgraded to support current API's. In other words I'd like to be able to use the DT calendar and mail apps with Google services. I also noticed that the dtterm termcap was not liked by vi on Ubuntu 10.10.

The only other thing that would be nice is a native looking system tray, since so many applications use them and nearly every window manager and desktop provides that functionality. Better yet, have dockable apps just create a desktop icon like minimized programs do. I temporarily installed stalonetray so I could access the NetworkManager applet to connect to wifi.

Nice effort. Hope they keep working on getting it stabilized and fully functional. It works surprisingly well on my netbook. The windows don't open extended beyond the screen, which is something Gnome and many other applications still can't figure out for some reason.

Thanks, Open Group. Looking forward to the release of Motif as well. Speaking of which, check out this Motify GUI from the Wayback Machine:

Ah, the good old days ...


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