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Legal "The 2010 report, translated from Korean, goes feature by feature, evaluating how Samsung's phone stacks up against the iPhone. Authored by Samsung's product engineering team, the document evaluates everything from the home screen to the browser to the built in apps on both devices. In each case, it comes up with a recommendation on what Samsung should do going forward and in most cases its answer is simple: Make it work more like the iPhone." Pretty damning. We still need to know a few things: how many of these were actually implemented? How common are these types of comparisons (i.e., does Apple have them)? Are these protected by patents and the like? And, but that's largely irrelevant and mostly of interest to me because I'm a translator myself, who translated the document, and how well has he or she done the job?
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RE[7]: Common practice
by akrosdbay on Wed 8th Aug 2012 15:45 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Common practice"
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Built by LG, developed over decades by academia, small companies, and large companies like LG, Sharp, Samsung, and so on. Not Apple.

I guess you didn't read what I wrote properly read it again. LG, Samsung etc have manufacturing arms in a process called Joint Developent Manufacturing.

This is a system where one company instead of investing in the infrastructure to build something takes and invention and jointly develops the manufacturing processes needed to produce said product. The original company still owns the IP that the manufacturing company just owns the production.

By your faulty reasoning every HP, Dell laptop that foxconn makes is actually a foxconn invention.

Please grow up and learn how things actually work.

Ignoring the fact that this is clearly not true (take a look at any Windows Phone or Android phones post-ICS and JB), it's because Apple's software is better. Not because they invented it.

Why is it better? Magic pixie dust? Fairies? Apple invented the techniques to make it better. Thanks for making my point.

Apple invented the tech Samsung is contracted to manufacture it.

Proof? [/q]

You made the claim that Apple didn't invent anything the onus is on you to prove it. Provide incontrovertible evidence that Samsung/LG invented the Multitouch screens. Don't give me not even close stuff like resistive touch screen phones. or LG Prada which was just a basic capacitive touchscreen feature phone.

" Apple acquired Fingerworks and its multi-touch technology in 2005. Mainstream exposure to multi-touch technology occurred in 2007 when the iPhone gained popularity, with Apple stating they 'invented multi touch' as part of the iPhone announcement,[12] however both the function and the term predate the announcement or patent requests, except for such area of application as capacitive mobile screens, which did not exist before Fingerworks/Apple's technology (Apple filed patents for in 2005-2007 and was awarded with in 2009-2010). Publication and demonstration using the term Multi-touch by Jefferson Y. Han in 2005 predates these,[13] but Apple did give multi-touch wider exposure through its association with their new product and were the first to introduce multi-touch on a mobile device.[14] "

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