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Gnome The future of GNOME - an interesting subject. GNOME 3 has been out and about for a while, and it hasn't exactly been a smashing success. One of the efforts to take GNOME to the next level is what the team refers to as GNOME OS - but in reality, it's a set of improvements to GNOME that are just as interesting to GNOME-the-desktop-environment.
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Build it, and they will come
by ggeldenhuys on Wed 8th Aug 2012 23:49 UTC
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"These people have a vision"
I don't know, I think they are as blind as a bat! They can't fix the mess called Gnome 3, and now they want to venture into a whole "Gnome OS". Can't they see what a mess they made, and how just about nobody likes Gnome 3.

Anyway, the whole Linux "desktop environment" is in shambles at the moment. All these DE's are forcing users to go back to the basics - simple lightweight Window Managers. JWM you rock!! Thanks KDE4, Gnome3 and Unity for making me see the light. I don't want to fight my "desktop environment", I simply want to run a few damn applications, and get on with my work.

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