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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "I decided to write this post after having too many heated discussions with many users across many blogs. After hearing repeatedly; 'The iPad will have a better display' or 'It sucks because it's not Retina' I figured it was time to break the argument down and dispel the 'Retina' myth." Fantastic post at The Verge.
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I think you have reading comprehension problem. The article addresses that, saying:

"That's right even the lowly 1366x768 resolution is "Retina" at more than 22"[..]

2' == 24". Duh?

..And it also shows how people normally use (or hold) their tablets.

It is you that has a reading comprehension problem. At more than 22 inches means at less than 22 inches it is not retina.

The articles uses pretty odd examples for typical use. Reading/Browsing in bed is not one of them. People tend to hold their books or tablets at about 12 inches may be 14" at times when in bed.

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