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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "I decided to write this post after having too many heated discussions with many users across many blogs. After hearing repeatedly; 'The iPad will have a better display' or 'It sucks because it's not Retina' I figured it was time to break the argument down and dispel the 'Retina' myth." Fantastic post at The Verge.
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Smell our delicious vapor
by atsureki on Sat 11th Aug 2012 20:34 UTC
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Everybody sing along, you know the words: future speculative competitor product Y will be better than today's shipping Apple product that actually exists X, and the Apple fanboys are stupid for not admitting it, because I'm mad at Apple because nitpick Z.

X = iPad
Y = Surface
Z = Retina

We have our terms; now let's see the proof.

This is why the title says the Surface Pro has a "better" Retina display than the iPad. At normal viewing distances, there is no difference. None. Zero. Nada. The end result gives users an amazing visual experience while leaving more GPU headroom for things like scrolling, hardware-accelerated browsing, better games & more. It provides better battery life & less heat.

"Pro" in this case means "Intel", and Intel means less battery life and more heat than ARM. (They showed off prototype Intel tablets at CES with cooling fans in them. Fans. In tablets.) I haven't heard or seen any direct comparisons with WP7, but iOS always significantly outclasses Android on touch responsiveness, so where's the problem supposedly introduced by Retina's GPU demands? Is the argument just that if anyone other than Apple made a Retina device, it would suck? That doesn't seem to fit the tone (/agenda) of the article. Also, Surface doesn't even work yet (froze on stage, they didn't let anyone touch it), so I doubt it'll set any new benchmarks for smoothness when/if it ships.

I don't own any Retina devices (or even any iOS devices, for that matter), but I totally get it. It would be fantastic to zoom in and out on a PDF with my own eyes and face, as if it were a printed sheet of paper, rather than fiddling around with zoom and scroll controls. It's like a whole second layer of visual data constantly available. Displays have been the weak link in Moore's Law for a long time, and I like that Apple is trying to push them forward.

So... yeah. Once again we're fantasizing about a future product that might be better than Apple's current product for various specious reasons. And probably still won't be. But you know what probably will be better than Apple's current product? Apple's future product. This is why boasts about vaporware are not interesting. Also, the Surface still doesn't work, and is still priceless. Great product. Huge success, I'm sure.

(This Microsoft advertising blurb is a "fantastic post" while the careful breakdown of Apple's trade dress claims was a "terrible visual guide"? Thom, give it a rest. If you have any credibility left at all, it can't survive much more of this crusade against Apple.)

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