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Legal "[...] tonight Apple entered into evidence in its trial with Samsung a document showing that it offered the South Korean company a licensing deal on some of its key technologies. Specifically, Apple offered to license the portfolio of patents if Samsung would pay $30 per smartphone and $40 per tablet." $30-40 per device is a lot of money for some trivial features (rounded corners, slide-to-unlock etc). No wonder Samsung declined.
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RE[6]: Greedy
by tupp on Sat 11th Aug 2012 20:44 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Greedy"
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Interesting because that is not what the courts are saying.

Not really, but only the fanboys and the very naive blindly believe that court rulings are based on truth and actual justice.

Apple seems to be slowly racking up wins all over the world!

Not really. Apple has had major defeats, especially in Europe.

And again if Apple is such a big thief, then why don't the companies Apple did all this stealing from sue??

Who claimed that Apple is a thief? Apple is derivative, bland and obvious in almost all of their products, but that doesn't make Apple is a thief.

Furthermore, Apple HAS been sued -- A LOT!

Judging from posts in this forum, Apple fanboys must get most of their exercise from jumping to conclusions, because it is hardly a workout to lean on the Genius bar or to sit and fawn over the simple, banal design of their electronics enclosures.

I am confused here why 5 years later Apple has not been sued left and right like Android companies are, since according to you Apple is the thief??

As you address me personally, I will return the courtesy to you.

It's not surprising that you are confused.

Do you refer to the Android companies who are getting "sued left and right" by Apple?

Also, it is according to YOU that Apple is a "thief." To me, Apple is just a highly overrated manufacturer of mediocre, derivative electronics that has a made a lot of design/engineering blunders, but that has nevertheless recently gotten rich off of its retarded user base.

Sorry but the Apple theft idea is not panning out in reality.

Well, the prior art is historical fact.

The most funny part of it is people will say "Well Android is the bigger target!" interesting because in the mobile market Apple is making more then 50% of the profits. You would think they would be the target since they Apple is making all the money.

Probably should verify that profit statistic, but the truth is that Apple started the huge patent lawsuit war in which we currently find ourselves. All of the counter suits are (of course) defensive.

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