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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "I decided to write this post after having too many heated discussions with many users across many blogs. After hearing repeatedly; 'The iPad will have a better display' or 'It sucks because it's not Retina' I figured it was time to break the argument down and dispel the 'Retina' myth." Fantastic post at The Verge.
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Some People Just Want To Watch Apple Burn
by tony on Sun 12th Aug 2012 02:27 UTC
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That article is full of sour grapes, picking and choosing on stats to be overly pedantic. Trying to disprove the obvious (that new iPad screens/MacBookProR screens look amazing). And yes, some of it is the color, but a lot of it is the DPI.

We had the same anti-Apple hysteria when the Retina display came out for the iPhone 4, about how it's a gimmick, how it doesn't make any difference. Then Android phones started showing up with similar DPI displays, and that debate suddenly went away.

Higher PPI displays are coming, and not just for Apple. Apple is the first to get the ball rolling on making it a consumer standard (which yes, of course there have been high DPI displays before, but rare and/or expensive).

Is the Surface's 1080p display enough to sate my desire for high DPI? I'll have to see. It could be.

But either way, mainstream DPI is coming, and that's a good thing. It look gorgeous (and looking gorgeous doesn't require having an Apple logo on the case) and the biggest benefit is that it makes things easier to read. Text just looks better with higher DPI.

TL;DR: Hey Verge, u mad?

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