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GNU, GPL, Open Source The Free Software Foundation is just weeks away from announcing the roadmap and process that will govern the release of the first draft of the rewritten GNU General Public License.
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RE[2]: Thats nice and all...
by Temcat on Sun 30th Oct 2005 09:08 UTC in reply to "RE: Thats nice and all..."
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That's nice and all while GPL remains a copyright license. The moment is ceases to be such (as in: requiring to give away source code where binary distribution has NOT taken place), it becomes a EULA. It is my highly subective opinion that EULAs are contrary to the ideas of free software by their nature, however nice is motivation for their introduction.

Besides that, web services are NOT fundamentally different from any other services, be they performed by a human or a computer. Let's say a company performs work for its customers using a GPL-licensed office suite that it has modified but is not distributing to the outside world. Do you think it would be fair to require that this company release the modifications it has done to the office suite? I don't, therefore I oppose the planned new provisions of the license.

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