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General Development "I cannot help but speculate on how the software on the Curiosity rover has been constructed. We know that most of the code is written in C and that it comprises 2.5 Megalines of code, roughly. One may wonder why it is possible to write such a complex system and have it work. This is the Erlang programmers view."
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codng at NASA
by l3v1 on Mon 13th Aug 2012 06:18 UTC
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"They Write the Right Stuff"

It's a bit old, but still a good read, giving some insight.

On "Some of the traits of the Curiosity Rovers software closely resembles the architecture of Erlang. Are these traits basic for writing robust software?" - Well, I'd say it doesn't resemble Erlang, but it does resemble good thinking and good engineering, which might have been the case with Erlang designers too (which I don't know).

On the other hand: Megalines? Really? That's not geeky, that's stupid. What comes next, hectolines?

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