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Mozilla & Gecko clones Mozilla's Dave Mason, when asked by what the most scary part of Firefox' roadmap is: "It has to be Firefox OS which is a huge step for Mozilla. It is exciting and scary at the same time. This is the first time we had to partner with some other companies to get to the end results so that's a hard transition for us." I commend Mozilla for attempting this. I've been trying out Firefox on my Nexus 7 today, and it's really, really good (save for the interface, which needs some serious Holo love). If this is an indication for what Firefox OS is going to be like - good on 'm.
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Judging by the description, they do use seperate processes:

The b2g process may spawn a number of low-rights "content processes". These are where web applications and other web content are loaded. These process communicate with the main Gecko server process through IPDL, a message-passing system.

Basically, what Chrome does.

There are many reasons why Mozilla didn't change their architecture. The most important one is obviously compatibility with existing code. With B2G they didn't have that limitation.

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