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Google Nobody needs a tablet, but many people still want a tablet. This is still the core differentiator between a 'real' computer and a tablet. At least in The Netherlands, you can't function in society without a desktop or laptop connected to the internet, so people need a computer. A tablet, though? Hence, the most common thing people have told me when they played with my iPad 2 is this: I'd love to have a tablet, but not for hundreds of euros. Enter Google's Nexus 7, the first 'cheap' tablet that doesn't just validate Android as a tablet platform, but also gives the iPad a run for its money.
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RE[2]: Reward Apple?
by UltraZelda64 on Tue 14th Aug 2012 01:44 UTC in reply to "RE: Reward Apple?"
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I wouldn't say all of those "innovations" you claimed were truly innovative, let alone very important changes. I mean, come on--they removed the floppy drive. Some truly groundbreaking, hi-tech moves there that would have never happened if it wasn't for the amazing Apple. [Not.] And for every one of these so-called innovations, they erode more of your freedom and lock you further into their devices. Yeah! Go Apple!

And ironically, one of those innovations--EFI--was directly responsible for making typical, generic x86 "PCs" made by Apple incompatible with everything else out there, while also paving the way for the extremely locked down hardware that has been materializing in recent years through the use of "trusted" (yeah right) computing. Again... go Apple!

Maybe I need to go out, bend over and buy an overpriced Apple product myself now. Take "their" form of "gotcha by the balls" computing right up the ass.

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