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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "I decided to write this post after having too many heated discussions with many users across many blogs. After hearing repeatedly; 'The iPad will have a better display' or 'It sucks because it's not Retina' I figured it was time to break the argument down and dispel the 'Retina' myth." Fantastic post at The Verge.
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For the most part we can assume that ~300dpi of full grayscale pixels in a handheld device is more than enough for all except synthetic use cases.

You're right that there are no simple metrics for evaluating our senses. For example, we are unable to detect lack of light for ten milliseconds but anyone would easily see a sudden burst of light, even if it took only one millisecond. Same with the resolution, you could argue that "sufficient" resolution is one when you can't see a single fully-on white pixel on a black background. That could indeed require a higher resolution but frankly speaking who cares, especially that a good solution already exists (just dim the pixel).

Besides, resolution is only one of things to improve (true, it was long neglected). Refresh rates, contrast, and color reproduction are still lagging quite a bit, and there are many tradeoffs involved there too (resolution vs contrast or refresh rate etc.).

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