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Google Nobody needs a tablet, but many people still want a tablet. This is still the core differentiator between a 'real' computer and a tablet. At least in The Netherlands, you can't function in society without a desktop or laptop connected to the internet, so people need a computer. A tablet, though? Hence, the most common thing people have told me when they played with my iPad 2 is this: I'd love to have a tablet, but not for hundreds of euros. Enter Google's Nexus 7, the first 'cheap' tablet that doesn't just validate Android as a tablet platform, but also gives the iPad a run for its money.
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RE[4]: Reward Apple?
by UltraZelda64 on Tue 14th Aug 2012 06:28 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Reward Apple?"
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For one thing, I don't recall Apple's "Boot Camp" hack for Windows being available for a while after the original launch of the x86 Mac. But what I really meant was to associate the replacement of the BIOS with EFI (with its introduction of trusted computing) as *the* path destined to be used for tightly locking down systems from the deepest level. And Microsoft has taken this to the extreme with their announcement, what was it, late last year, about Windows 8.

Still EFI brought us "trusted computing" and that is enough for me to not be a fan. That was really the point I meant to make. For all its strengths, that's one giant weakness in the form of a feature that was just waiting for someone to abuse anti-competitively. Fact is, though, Apple's OSes are locked tight and their tablets are locked from the OS level all the way down to the hardware.

Reading what you quoted, I realized I did a pathetic job conveying my thoughts into words (honestly, I'm not even going to try to figure it out myself). But hopefully this clarifies the above quoted sentences. Honestly, I think I'll just shut up now, because I doubt that really cleared things up either, and I'm running on no caffeine so apparently my mind is f--ked.

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