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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Back in 2005, we charted 30 years of personal computer market share to show graphically how the industry had developed, who succeeded and when, and how some iconic names eventually faded away completely. With the rise of whole new classes of 'personal computers' - tablets and smartphones - it's worth updating all the numbers once more. And when we do so, we see something surprising: the adoption rates for our beloved mobile devices absolutely blow away the last few decades of desktop computer growth. People are adopting new technology faster than ever before." BeOS not mentioned. Would not read again. 2/10.
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The reason why people still use desktops & laptops is mainly because of limits in input & output technologies (e.g. screens & keyboards).

With big companies hiring smart people and betting the farm on new / alternative input & output technologies (the tip of the iceberg being things like Siri & Project Glass), is it so inconceivable that one day people won't need the big glass rectangles and collection of plastic squares with letters on them that are the main reason they stick with desktops & laptops?

Once the input & output options advance enough (e.g. perfect voice control & picoprojectors or HUDs), people won't need to bother with desktops & laptops 95% of the time. And once that critical mass, is reached, solutions will probably be found for that other 5% of the time too.

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