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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless You wouldn't believe it, but something actually, truly interesting came out of the Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit yesterday. Apple had conducted a survey to find out why, exactly, consumers opted to go with Android instead of the iPhone. The results are fascinating - not only do they seem to invalidate Apple's claims, they provide an unusual insight into consumer behaviour. The gist? People choose Android not because it's an iPhone copy - they choose it because of Android's unique characteristics.
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Comment by ilovebeer
by ilovebeer on Tue 14th Aug 2012 23:29 UTC
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The other reasons listed indicate that people chose Android because of its unique strengths over the iPhone: larger screens, the Google brand, the Android Market, and Google integration. These are all things where the iPhone - in the case of the Market and the brand, obviously so - the iPhone clearly lacks.

Come on Thom, you know better. First of all, only people who bought Android were surveyed. Were people who bought iPhone's surveyed the exact opposite of what you're trying to say would be the case.

Next, if you claim the Google brand is stronger than Apple, show me sales figures proving more people who picked their phone based on brand went with Android.

Also, how about people who had no real preference aside of texting, calls, games, and went with whatever the youngster at the store was pushing? This describes a very large number of users.

People are smart enough to see where this is going so I won't bother bringing up anything else. I'll simply say that to imply this survey is a reflection of the big picture, is being disingenuous at best. Assuming Apple create the survey, the one thing it does do is give insight into how Apple sees its competition.

Ps. Before you go on with your `Apple fanboi` claims, be aware that I am not loyal to any cellphone maker, cellphone OS, or otherwise. I care only if my phones suit my needs -- beyond that I couldn't care less. Unlike others, I'm not a cheerleader for any company.

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