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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless You wouldn't believe it, but something actually, truly interesting came out of the Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit yesterday. Apple had conducted a survey to find out why, exactly, consumers opted to go with Android instead of the iPhone. The results are fascinating - not only do they seem to invalidate Apple's claims, they provide an unusual insight into consumer behaviour. The gist? People choose Android not because it's an iPhone copy - they choose it because of Android's unique characteristics.
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RE: Comment by Tony Swash
by kwan_e on Wed 15th Aug 2012 01:40 UTC in reply to "Comment by Tony Swash"
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Why does Apple make so much more money than all the Android devices makers added together, especially given that the use of the almost useless but traditional metric of market share means one should expect to see Apple in commercial decline by now and Android device makers financially ascendant? Why have Android tablets failed so spectacularly?

Why is the OS distribution and update mechanism in the Android ecosystem so obviously broken?

Why, given the relative market shares, is the developer and app space in iOS so much richer, healthier and fuller than in the Android space?

These are all tremendously interesting questions

Why do you keep on asking loaded questions that presupposes the answers; the premises of which also beg the question? They are not tremendously interesting questions because the way you "ask" them don't even suggest they're intended as questions.

Seriously, you sound like a communist propaganda machine:

"Why is our Dear Leader so benevolent and wise?"

"Why are the capitalists failing so hard that they have to send tribute to our Dear Leader under the guise of 'foreign aid'?"

"How does our Dear Leader keep the people happy so that they don't want to run away?"

"Why are our enemies so jealous they want to stop our testing of nuclear delivery systems that are more advanced than theirs?"

These are similarly not interesting questions.

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