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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless You wouldn't believe it, but something actually, truly interesting came out of the Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit yesterday. Apple had conducted a survey to find out why, exactly, consumers opted to go with Android instead of the iPhone. The results are fascinating - not only do they seem to invalidate Apple's claims, they provide an unusual insight into consumer behaviour. The gist? People choose Android not because it's an iPhone copy - they choose it because of Android's unique characteristics.
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And you have the same iPhone-like updates with Google Nexus. If customers prefer other Android devices, which do not offer official upgrades to the newest shiny Android, then customers just do not care about it or find other things the specific Android device offers, more important.

This article even confirms that. Its not the newest technology which is at the top. There are a lot other factors which are more important for customers. Apple just confirmed that as well and proves that all those fragmentation talks is of very little relevance to customers. Confirmed, signed and published by Apple!

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