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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless You wouldn't believe it, but something actually, truly interesting came out of the Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit yesterday. Apple had conducted a survey to find out why, exactly, consumers opted to go with Android instead of the iPhone. The results are fascinating - not only do they seem to invalidate Apple's claims, they provide an unusual insight into consumer behaviour. The gist? People choose Android not because it's an iPhone copy - they choose it because of Android's unique characteristics.
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Considering how big M$ is, they should be innovating much more then they are. The Metro interface (I can't stand by the way but that is just me!) could have been designed by a small start-up! M$ should be innovating in many areas! Look at Apple, they redefined the digital music, cell phone, home computer, tablet and about to do the same to the TV industry. What has M$ done? XBox okay, Metro... errr I can say I find that innovative, although it does disprove one of Samsung's arguments that the iPhone UI is inevitable, Metro shows it is not inevitable.

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