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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless You wouldn't believe it, but something actually, truly interesting came out of the Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit yesterday. Apple had conducted a survey to find out why, exactly, consumers opted to go with Android instead of the iPhone. The results are fascinating - not only do they seem to invalidate Apple's claims, they provide an unusual insight into consumer behaviour. The gist? People choose Android not because it's an iPhone copy - they choose it because of Android's unique characteristics.
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Let's distinguish between "anti-apple" and "anti-apple behaviour". Some people may have an "anti-apple" bias, however others like myself are against what apple is doing to the field of open-computing.

If apple ceased it's patent offensive and backed off the moderation of end users & developer software through its self-imposed walled garden, then you find that apple would receive much less criticism from the tech crowd.

As long as apple continues it's negative behaviours, it has only itself to blame for the criticism it receives.

Indeed. Years ago the worst you would hear about Apple is that their computers were expensive.

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