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Windows Microsoft has made Windows 8's final release available to MSDN and TechNet subscribers, so if you are one of those - have fun. The 90-day trial has also been released, so us mere mortals can have a go at it as well. The evaluation version is Windows 8 Enterprise, so it contains a number of features regular users normally won't see. As far as I can tell - it's a bit unclear - the trial version cannot be upgraded to a final version a few months down the line. Happy testing!
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RE: Pass
by bassbeast on Thu 16th Aug 2012 20:36 UTC in reply to "Pass"
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Well I've tried it on around a half dozen machines here at the shop so I'm probably pretty well qualified to give a pretty unbiased review so here goes:

Is the device a netbook? Say 10 to 12 inches? If so Win 8 will work just fine since your small screen won't really allow more than one thing at a time anyway. Touchscreen on it? Even better. Do you rarely install more than a half a dozen programs? if so TIFKAM (The Interface Formerly Known As Metro....thanks El Reg posters) won't drive you batty with its clutter. Only use one program at a time? Preferably on a screen 15 inches or less? Ditto.

For everyone else? RUN. Run as fast as you can and grab a copy of Win 7 and hang onto it like a fatty hangs onto the last piece of chicken at a buffet because TIFKAM will make you want to pull an Elvis on your PC. More than a half a dozen programs and the TIFKAM UI becomes this giant tiled mess, so bad that its often easier to use the Winkey and type what you want rather than slog through it, the few "advantages" I've seen so far are just cheats, such as the "faster boot" which is really just a form of hibernate, it feels like you have to fight the whole OS to do any task, and the TIFKAM "apps" are just pathetic and are quite obviously just a way for MSFT to further monetize you with an appstore.

If you do get stuck with Win 8 for some reason use a program like Classic Shell to kill TIFKAM like Raid kills bugs, dead, but even then frankly you'll have a worse experience than Win 7. The fact that Win 7 Pro is $140 while Win 8 Pro is $40 should tell you what kind of stinker it is, they are practically giving it away. Its a mess folks and as someone who has used every MSFT OS since Win3.x I think its the worst OS they've ever had, even worse than WinME which could be hacked to fix or Vista which wasn't bad once UAC was turned off.

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