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Windows Microsoft has made Windows 8's final release available to MSDN and TechNet subscribers, so if you are one of those - have fun. The 90-day trial has also been released, so us mere mortals can have a go at it as well. The evaluation version is Windows 8 Enterprise, so it contains a number of features regular users normally won't see. As far as I can tell - it's a bit unclear - the trial version cannot be upgraded to a final version a few months down the line. Happy testing!
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by kaiwai on Fri 17th Aug 2012 16:38 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Pass"
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OT: I'm jealous of your confidence here. If I believed this I would have already bought a new MacBook (Pro) rather than struggling with finding another platform to move my daily use to when my iMac and old Macbook Pro finally give out in a few years..

While we're here if anyone at Apple would even say that they are going to preserve Macintosh it would help some. Or spin off the Mac BU, in my dreams... /OT

Already addressed directly by Steve Jobs and Tim - both regarding touch interfaces on the desktop (Steve said no, it doesn't make sense - great for demonstrates but crap in real life) and then further expanded where each platform will retain their uniqueness due to the specific task they're designed to do based on the input equipment used (touch vs. mouse/touchpad and keyboard). The only people pushing this merging crap have been the likes of Peter Misek whose idiot customers pay for his 'wisdom' that is little more than pissing into a stream then basing ones investment strategy on the direction in which the said urine is dispersed in the water. Why anyone would listen to so-called 'analysts' for issues relating to technology is as stupid as going to a crystal ball gazer as to whether or not they should get their oil changed in their car - the top executives at Apple have been pretty candid about the direction, I'm more confident in listening to them over so-called speculators and analysts.

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