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Internet & Networking Twitter is changing its API guidelines. Lots of new restrictions and limitations for third party clients. I'm within 140 characters.
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by fretinator on Fri 17th Aug 2012 21:31 UTC in reply to "Comment by redshift"
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Well, if you notice, the new "Everything Shared" plans all have unlimited calls and text - only the paltry few Gigs of data is limited. They realize people are switching off of voice. They have to tap the data as a resource stream now. I've been using mobile data since about 2000. At first it was unlimited for $5/month. then $10, then $15, Now unless you have Sprint or one of the prepaids, it is a crazy price. I think I pay $30 for 3GB. Therefore, I don't stream videos, mostly just email and games. It is funny that at the same time they are pushing LTE for amazing Hi-Def video, they have data-limited plans that efectively keep you from watching anything but an occasional Youtube dancing kitty.

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