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Internet & Networking Twitter is changing its API guidelines. Lots of new restrictions and limitations for third party clients. I'm within 140 characters.
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by Alfman on Sat 18th Aug 2012 04:26 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by redshift"
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No kidding, I always think to myself that I'd LIKE to have a data plan especially while I'm away or on the road...but then I see the price. Just a few weeks ago I was at a tmobile store and asked about data-only rates for laptops, and I think it was $60/mo for 5GB plus something ridiculous for overage. I honestly don't know how much bandwidth I'd need/use, but I can't afford an additional $700+ / year for mobile internet, especially since I'm at home most of the time. I'd always be worried about going over with streaming video.

It'd probably be cheaper to use a cell phone and attempt to tether it against the terms of use agreement - has anyone here tried this?

Several years ago I contemplated using the free intra-network mobile voice calling and modulating data across a bluetooth link to the phone. I kind of had a proof of concept working using ham radio soft-modems which could communicate via sound cards (including the bluetooth sound driver emulation). But I figured it wouldn't be worth the effort to make it production-ready because it's likely I'd just be blocked for service abuse.

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