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Gnome In a recent interview with the Austrian newssite, GNOME designer Jon McCann talks about GNOME OS, the consequences of Canonical leaving GNOME behind, the purported removal of features and the future role of Linux distributions. "I think there was a time when GNOME had kind of a crisis, we didn't know where we wanted to go, we were lacking goals and vision - that was the end of the GNOME2 cycle. So we pulled together and formed a vision where we want to go - and actually did something about it. And now we have been marching on that plan for quite some time."
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RE: Plan?
by thebluesgnr on Mon 20th Aug 2012 23:33 UTC in reply to "Plan?"
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The Gnome team keeps talking about a plan. I'd like to know what it is because it must be really really good if they think Gnome OS will attain 20% market share by 2020 when they first release of Gnome OS is expected in 2014 at the earliest. At least that's the goal they have. They also set a 10% market share goal for 2010. Went great.

The 20 by 20 slide was precisely a joke on the 10 by 10 goal. I'm assuming you weren't at the talk and is just spouting bullshit you read on the internet.

At GAUDEC they talked how they are gonna build their own buildbot/QA. Do what KDE did with cmake, reuse existing technology that accomplishes what you want and avoid reinventing the wheel? Nope. NIH.

They most certainly are using existing tools for that project, although buildbot has absolutely nothing to do with cmake. You're confused and spouting bullshit.

Gnome was made to fight KDE, as it used Qt which at the time was not FOSS. Their goal was a fully FOSS desktop. After Qt went GPL, then later LGPL, Gnome's goal was gone.

Geez, really? I wonder why people kept using GNOME then.

At Gaudec they talked about some bad things about the Gnome project:
"The "bad things" for GNOME they pointed out was their focus on the traditional desktop..."

1) They have a focus on desktops?
2) It's a bad thing?

Gnome developers have gone mad.

This was the opinion of a specific speaker. If you actually read the interview posted in this news you'll find a different opinion.

Did you have all this bullshit copy & pasted to post here? Because it has absolutely nothing to do with the interview posted. I wonder if you even read the summary, let alone the article.

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