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Legal "The web has been alight these past few weeks with the details of the Apple v. Samsung lawsuit. It's been a unique opportunity to peer behind the curtain of how these two companies operate, as the trial seeks to answer the question: did Samsung copy Apple? But there's actually another question that I think is much more interesting to the future of innovation in the technology industry: regardless of whether the courts say that Samsung copied Apple or not, would we all be better off if we allowed - even encouraged - companies to copy one another?" This is very relevant.
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RE: No, we would not be better off.
by Radio on Tue 21st Aug 2012 06:16 UTC in reply to "No, we would not be better off."
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I remember the first time I tried the Galaxy Tab 7. The mail application had the EXACT same icon layout at the iPad -- every function on the toolbar was in the same order. The colors were similar.

Oh, the horror!

Take icons like the infamous handset on a green backdrop or the musical note on top of a CD with a blue backdrop. While these are clear ways to represent a given function, even within the bounds of a relatively square icon, there are probably dozens of different ways to do the same thing well. Why exactly copy Apple?
Oh yeah. Like, Apple are the first to associate a lifted handset with the color green. Because that was never done before. Genius! Who would have though of associating an icon representing a physical part of a phone, with the color associated with "ok", "start", "go"! No other phone maker did that before, right? It is only after Apple spent billions of dollar of UX research that they made this great insight in intuitive design, right?

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