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Legal "The web has been alight these past few weeks with the details of the Apple v. Samsung lawsuit. It's been a unique opportunity to peer behind the curtain of how these two companies operate, as the trial seeks to answer the question: did Samsung copy Apple? But there's actually another question that I think is much more interesting to the future of innovation in the technology industry: regardless of whether the courts say that Samsung copied Apple or not, would we all be better off if we allowed - even encouraged - companies to copy one another?" This is very relevant.
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Say what you want about Metro, Unity and Gnome 3 ... at least they are attempting to do something different.

Metro? White handset icon in a solid (green in some manufacturers default settings) color square. Total rip-off!

More seriously, where are you coming from? Gnome has been berated for years for being a bad knock-off of OSX (and KDE for being a cheap Windows rip-off), and Unity is a mix of OSX and Win7 (the latter already "copying" the former) with the bar on the side.

Tiling WM are the only UX concept really adopted and expanded by non-corporate entities (even if, like everything else, it may have been invented at Xerox) which, if it were one day adopted by the general public, could not be said to have been "ripped off a successful commercial product" (even if the usual fanbois will try to rewrite history).

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